Mission statement

Our mission: we are an international network of experts in therapeutic education specializing in chronic skin diseases.


To identify new worldwide experiments in the field of therapeutic education


To provide support to existing or new teams to put in place therapeutic education structures, recommendations and reference documents.


To guarantee progress in the therapeutic education of patients with chronic skin diseases.


To facilitate contact between patient and caregiver associations.


To develop clinical research dedicated to therapeutic education for patients suffering from chronic skin diseases.

Our history

OPENED (Oriented Patient Education Network for Dermatology) was created in 2008 with the following objectives:

• To offer support to existing and emerging teams in setting up education structures by associating recommendations, reference documents and clinical research.

• To ensure the promotion of patient education applied to chronic skin disease.

• To promote patient education by associating the patients and the care giver.

The OPENED group has promoted patient-centered medicine by developing a holistic approach to chronic disease, combining clinical expertise (specific to each country) and patient’s experiences (through patient groups).

The interest in Therapeutic Patient Education (TPE) is growing. One of the major reasons is the increase recognition of therapeutic failure among AD patients due to mismanagement and/or under use of prescribed treatment.

Pharmaceutical companies are today seeking advise on how to establish TPE actions and are interested in establishing partnerships with experts in the field.

In 2018 ISAD and OPENED decided to combine expertise and establish a dedicated taskforce, ISAD-OPENED taskforce, in order to promote better eczema care in partnership with industrial players.

This taskforce is open to all experts in the field of education for AD: dermatologists, allergologists, pediatricians, general practitioners, nurses, pharmacists and patient associations.

What could the taskforce offer industry partners?

  • A pro-active position in regard to the industry
  • A catalogue of useful and indispensable actions in the field of TPE